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As an Au Pair or student in a for you new country or place, you have the incredible opportunity to learn about a different culture and places. But how do you know what the best tips are to explore the surroundings, meet people (and other Au Pairs or students) or when you go for a city trip? AuPair Exclusive, their au pairs and students knows better than anyone else which tips are suitable for you! You can add your own reviews, see reviews from AuPair Exclusive, host families, students, friends and other Au Pairs and request more! To start, we have already added awesome tips to visit. Going on a city trip but you can’t find any reviews? Then you’re always able to ask for reviews from your friends! This way you can always find the coolest places to go! Tip overview In the main screen you immediately get an overview of the latest tips added by your friends, host families or AuPair Exclusive. Always inspiring and fun to view these tips. Invite friends Without friends, no tips ... With Au Pair Life it's easy to invite friends quickly and ask for tips. Add tips yourself Getting tips is fun, but giving tips may be even more fun. Au Pair Life makes it very easy to recommend the place that you like. Select the location, and address details are automatically filled in for you. Search for tips per city or friend Are you looking for tips in Utrecht? With Au Pair Life you quickly search on location. And with the nearby button you can see nice places in your surroundings