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The Honeyguide is an African bird that leads locals to their valuable honey, after which they each take their fair share. This beautiful collaboration between nature and humans inspired us to lead you to the best places in the Netherlands through our platform. Honeyguide wants to make the world a better place. We do this by guiding you to places and experiences that are off the beaten track and contribute to a better world. Discover a city, a region or a nature reserve in a unique way. The Sustainable Development Goals constructed by the UN are our guidelines. Let us guide you around in The Netherlands with impact: - Via a GPS map you can find the most unique places and events close to you. These are selected with special care by our Honeys. - But you can also give tips yourself! Share them with your travel buddies, by creating friendpools on the app. - You can also write reviews about your experience at one of the tips. This way we all contribute to a community of adventure and impact. Are you tagging along with the Honeyguide, off to great adventures with positive impact? Join us!